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15 Best Purple Makeup looks for this Winter

Purple is an amazing royal color that can be integrated perfectly into your makeup looks this winter. Purple can be bold, it can be bright and yet it is also considered a soothing color. Depending on the shade that you settle on, a purple makeup look can automatically brighten your complexion. Moreover, it instantly adds some clarity to your overall look making it one of the colors you should try this winter.

Purple is a very rich color that automatically draws attention. It is the queen of all colors when it comes to the best makeup looks. The best part about the color is that it can be worn by literary everyone. Moreover, it has so many shades that can work with any skin tone and complexion.

If you’ve been wondering about how well you can incorporate this color into your makeup looks, look no further. Here are some of the best purple makeup looks you could try this winter.

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15 Best Purple Makeup looks

You wanted to try this royal color, well here are some suggestions to guide you.

1. Light purple eyeshadow looks.

Light purple eyeshadow is one of the looks you’d settle for if you’re not well conversed with matching up different shades of eyeshadow. The look is quick and easy to implement and can be done by everyone. Start with some primer or foundation on your inner lid before using the eyeshadow. This will not only help your eyeshadow stay for long but also give you a more finished purple makeup look.

For this eyeshadow, you could start with a peachy pink eyeshadow or go directly with a light purple look. You could also blend in some light grey before topping it all up with a light purple color such as Lilac.

Ensure you build the color with at least two layers of purple and a bit of definition in your outer lid. This can be paired with a settled eyeliner and mascara and you’re ready to rock this winter season. For this look try using the Color block obsessions palette from Huddah beauty or the purple-pink palette from Hawa beauty. They both have settled light purple hues that could help you to execute this look.

This look is perfect for not only light-skinned girls but also those who have a warm skin complexion.

2. Dark purple eyeshadow looks.

This type of look suits everyone, from light skin tones to darker skin tones. Ensure you use a matte purple type of eyeshadow to be able to fully rock this look.

You could start with a hint of dark grey or black as your base before you build it up with the matte purple eyeshadow. Use a blending brush to apply a crease and blend in the eyeshadow till you get a soft and seamless transition with the two colors.

You could use the same brush to gently brush over your lash line or go for a glittery silver eyeshadow to finish up the look.

For inspiration, look at how Demi Lovato rocked her dark purple eyeshadow this summer!

3. Purple smokey eye.

There are so many ways to incorporate a purple smokey eye into your winter looks. You could either settle for darker tones of purple with black or go for lighter versions of purple with a shiny glimmer of pink or silver. Whatever you settle for, the smokey purple eye will definitely be a show stopper. If you have been looking for a purple wedding makeup look then this is definitely the option for you.

Moreover, with this look, you don’t have to worry about your skin tone. You can switch up the purple shades to what works for your skin together with choosing the best light or dark shades to create a smokey eye.

4. Metallic purple eyeshadow looks

What better way to be bold and stunning other than using a metallic purple eyeshadow. The look screams out confidence and elegance before you even have to speak a word. This look is perfect for an event and can definitely be an attraction to execute this look, use this metallic purple eyeshadow from Amazon.

Go for settled lips and eyeliner so that you do not steal the attention from your eye.

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5. Shimmery lilac cut crease

Ever felt like looking like a doll and you don’t know how to accomplish this? Look no further, this lilac cut crease is definitely the look for this. For this look, start with lighter shades of purple before you can use darker shades to outline your eyelids and your brow line. The look also matches with some stunning and bold eyeliner so don’t fear adding something that you haven’t tried for a while.

6. Purple foil eyeshadow look.

Milani clearly understood the assignment when we talked about a purple foil eyeshadow look. This pallet can help you recreate this look without having to break a sweat. You could settle for lighter lilac shades or go bold with darker purple shades for your eyes.

This look allows you to go bold with your eyeliner and use a mascara that gives you dense and full eyelashes. Moreover, it is perfect for every skin tone and can be used for girls with dark brown eyes.

7. Purple glittery eyeshadow

Who said glittery makeup has to be too exclusive. You could go for a settled glittery purple look that clearly gives your eyes the attention they deserve. Always start with a darker shade of eyeshadow such as black before you can build it up with purple.

Remember this look is for those who want a more settled glimmery eyeshadow look. If you want to go all-in with the shimmer then you can start with a dark shade of purple before you can build it up with a glittery and shimmery eyeshadow.

8. Purple and pink eyeshadow look

Purple and pink is probably a match that’s made in heaven. The two colors integrate seamlessly onto your eyes giving a calm and composed look that no other combination has. You could use saturated colors of pink and purple and use one on your upper eyelids while the other goes under your eyelids. Furthermore, you could settle for purple for your eyelids and use pink at the corner of your eyes to create a more settled and calm look.

9. Purple shimmery makeup look.

Let your eyes sparkle with this purple eyeshadow look that starts with a shimmery purple eyeshadow and transitions into darker grey eyeshadow. Use the make brush to line your under eyelids and you’re ready for winter. You can start with a lighter shade of purple before you build it up with a shimmery and deeper purple.

10. Violet eye makeup look

If you’re not ready to go bold with deeper shades of purple settle for shades such as violet that clearly outline your eyes while still ensuring your look is settled and composed. You could use this look for either a coffee date with friends or for a cold winter event filled with fairy light.

For the lashes, something bold might work out since the look doesn’t use a lot of eyeshadow and color matches.

11. Icy purple eye makeup

Ever wanted to feel like an Ice princess and didn’t know how to do it, well here is your answer. This icy purple eye makeup is the perfect way to remind yourself that winter is here and you don’t have to be settled with your makeup. Look for a matte type of purple and go over your eyelids with a blending bush till the eyeshadow has been fully integrated into your eyelids.

12. Purple cut crease eye makeup look

Looking for something bold and outstanding, here is the look. This look requires you to have knowledge about your brushes since one wrong move will have you start your look from scratch. You could use different shades of purple to create contrasting and beautiful creases with different blending bushes and some concealer.

13. Bold purple eyeliner.

So, you’re not into the whole idea of purple eyeshadow and you want something that is more calm and composed. Purple eyeliner could be the answer to all your troubles. This look can be perfect for this winter and doesn’t require you to have a lot of tools. Just a purple brow pencil to act as your eyeliner and some natural-looking pair of lashes. For the perfect purple eyeliner, try the L’Oreal Paris Makeup Infallible Pro-Last Pencil Eyeliner from Amazon.

14. Mix of gold and purple eyeshadow

Gold screams out elegance while purple screams out royalty. Now, with this in mind, who wouldn’t want to integrate these two colors as their eye makeup. This can be one of the purple makeup looks for a wedding or an occasion where one has to either go bold or go home.

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15. Futuristic purple and blue eyeshadow look

We saved the best for last and knew that this is a look to try especially in this cold and snowy weather. The look gives a futuristic and galaxy type of vibes with how well the two colors integrate on the eyelids. Start off with a lighter base as you slowly blend in other colors to create this look.

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If you don’t trust your skills with this look, then maybe it’s time to visit your makeup artist and see how he or she can glam you up during this cold weather.

Purple is not as intimidating as most people seem to think. The color can be integrated into your eye and makeup look to help you feel more confident even when the outside is cold. Try some of the purple makeup looks we have outlined and tell us which one worked for you.

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