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15 Best Makeup for Brown Dress

Makeup is vital to the way you look. It gives you more confidence as you step out into the world and get to interact with people. The key to stepping out of your house feeling confident and gorgeous starts with wearing makeup that enhances the features you have and minimizes everything else. Moreover, you need to find a makeup look that matches the clothes you wear. So what happens if you want to put on a brown dress and you don’t seem to find the best make-up for the brown dress. Do not be alarmed!

If you’re tired of the traditional black and white and are looking for a new staple color then brown is the answer. Brown is just as versatile as black and it looks great on everyone. The best part about brown is that there are so many different shades to choose from. Whether you prefer a warm caramel or a dark chocolate brown, there’s a shade out there for you.

Whether you’re going to a wedding, work party, or a night out on the town, there’s a makeup look that will perfectly complement your brown dress. From sweet and subtle to bold and beautiful, the makeup looks outlined are perfect for every occasion.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the best makeup for a brown dress. The dress could be a darker shade of brown such as chocolate, or something light and fun like peanut. We have outlined all the makeup looks you could try with a brown dress.

So let’s head on and see some of the best makeup for a brown dress.

15 Best Makeup for Brown Dress

Brown is generally a versatile color, but it can make it difficult to pick out the right makeup. Here are some of our favorite makeup looks that look great with a brown dress.

1. Soft Pinks and Peaches for an Elegant Evening

A brown dress is a perfect canvas for experimenting with makeup shades in the peachy and pink family. This palette will give you a soft and elegant look that’s great for an evening out or even a special occasion like a night at the opera. For this look, I suggest using medium-to-dark brown eyeliner to create a subtle cat-eye, topped with some mascara and light brown shadow on your lids. You can then add some color to your cheeks with a light pink blush, and finish things off with just enough peach lip gloss to highlight your lips without overpowering them.

2. The Pinked Out Look

This is one that will make you feel like a princess! This makeup look features pale pink lips with a matte finish. The glowy skin highlight against your rosy cheeks adds just enough shimmer to make them stand out against your dress’ tone. Add in some clear lip gloss, and you’re ready to go!

This look works for a night out where you have to stand out in a brown ball gown or something that screams out elegance and royalty.

3. The Bold Look

This look is all about the eyes. A dark brown base color on your eyelids, combined with some glimmering light brown pencil liner will give you a smoky and sexy look that’s sure to turn heads at any event. You can even pair this look with some black mascara for added drama!” Also, use a neutral palette of shades – think grays rather than primary colors. This will especially work for dark brown shades of dresses or something that’s sexy and bold.

It could be a strapless brown sleek dress or a little slip dress with an A-line neckline.

4. The Natural Look

If you’d rather keep the focus on your dress and not worry about attention-grabbing makeup, opt for a natural look. Brown is already dark, so you can expect a lot of blending with neutral tones. To create definition in your features without going too dramatic, use a light shade across your entire eyelid and add some depth with a medium shade in the crease.

Be sure to highlight your brow bone with a lighter concealer or highlighter, then add some mascara and light or nude lip color to complete the look.

5. Subtle Nudes.

A subtle nude look can never go out of style. Pair it with muted neutral lipstick and a flawless complexion for an evening-appropriate look that goes with any brown dress. This is the perfect look to try out for an evening out with friends or an occasion that requires you to stand out.

A subtle nude eye helps hide any imperfections that might occur. It could be a vein that decides to pop out or some hidden imperfection you don’t want people to see.

6. A classic smoky eye

A classic smokey eye is a perfect way to add some drama to your look. A smokey eye would especially go with a brown dress since the color is more settled and composed. You could go for dark undertones such as gray or a darker brown with shades of black at the outer lash line.

The trick with this look is to ensure that you blend out the eyeshadows so that the transition from one color to another is seamless. You could also extend the eyeshadow to the outer parts of the eye creating an eyeliner look without having to use the actual eyeliner.

With a smokey eye, you can settle for a bold smokey eye that uses black eyeshadow or settle for smoky chocolate tones for your eyes. For the lips, nude lips are the perfect option. This is because your eyes are already the center of attention.

7. Try gold or bronze eye makeup

A brown dress paired with some gold or bronze makeup is definitely a show stopper. These two colors add some type of warmth to your skin especially if you use a light shade of bronzer on your nose and cheekbones. You could also use the same shades for your eyes with some black cat eyeliner.

And what better to complete the look other than using some black mascara and warm nude lipstick. You could even go for glossy lips with light shades of pink or brown.

8. Bright red lips.

See how Rihanna rocked this slip brown dress with bright red lipstick. This type of makeup look is the perfect look for an evening out with friends. The eyes have to be more settled so as not to steal the show from the lips. You could settle for some light brown shades for the eyeshadow with perfectly highlighted cheekbones.

9. Metallic eye makeup look

Metallic colors can help you create bold and eyecatching looks with your makeup. What better way to showcase your settled brown dress than using some metallic eyeshadow to compliment the dress. You could go for golden or bronze colors or even blue and purple metallic shades.

10. Dark eye makeup look

A dark eye makeup look will work if the dress you have on has some lighter shades of brown. You even have the option of settling for darker lips with your hair sleeked down to perfection!

11. Go for purple shades of eyeshadow.

Purple and brown are a match that’s made in heaven. If you want to incorporate a purple look with your brown dress then go for a purple eyeshadow or a dark shade of purple lippies with a brown dress.

12. Use some glitter and sparkle

Apply some shimmery eyeshadow over your peachy look and pair this with a nude brown dress. Keep the rest of your look simple and glowy to make all heads turn at an event!

13. Nude lips

Nude lips with a brown dress are the best way to finish off a natural makeup look. You could settle for darker lip liner and light lipgloss or vice versa. You could also go for an ombre nude look with different shades of brown for your lips.

14. Settle for sunset eye makeup.

The sunset look can never go out of style. It incorporates the use of different color tones to create a finished and sophisticated eye makeup look. This look goes well with a brown dress since brown is settled and keeps the rest of your look relatively minimal.

15. Go for a classic eyeliner makeup look

If you settled for an all-nude look then make your eyes pop with a dark shade of cat eyeliner. Pair this with some rosy tones to create a fresh and summer look.

The best makeup for brown dress styles varies depending on the occasion, but there are a few general rules to keep in mind. Any color eyeshadow will work with a brown dress; as a rule of thumb, choose slightly darker or lighter shades of the same color family as your dress. If you’re wearing a rich chocolate-brown, try gold or bronze eye makeup. If your dress is a copper-brown tone, experiment with copper and bronze shades.

For lighter brown dresses, try soft pink eyeshadows and soft shades like golden peach blush. Use neutral lip colors to offset your dark dress, such as pale pinks or glossy nudes. For more dramatic looks, use bright red lips with a rich red-brown dress or deep purple lipstick with darker browns. Remember that when you’re choosing makeup for a brown dress, it’s important to match the intensity of your eye makeup to the intensity of your dress; a bold red lip could look too much for an afternoon event but maybe just right for an evening party.

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