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15 Best Gold Eyeshadow Looks To Try This Valentines Week

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and we have so many stunning gold eyeshadow makeup looks you could go for if you’re celebrating the day with a special someone. Gold is one of the hottest makeup trends in recent times. The color is not only limited to accessories but could also be incorporated into your makeup as eyeshadow.

Gold eyeshadow looks are in style right now, and what better way to use the color than during this week of love. Unfortunately, when it comes to looks, most brown and black-skinned girls often struggle to find the perfect makeup look. This is especially true when it comes to glittery and pigmented products such as gold.

If you have been struggling with getting what works for you, we’re here for you. This article will look at the 15 best makeup looks you could try. It focuses on all skin colors from black to brown and even white skin.

If you have been looking for a shimmery red shine or a more subtle rose gold glitter eyeshadow, We’ve got a golden shade to make this happen. Here are the looks that not only match your skin tone but also help you stand out from the crowd.

15 Best Gold Eyeshadow Looks

1. Confetti gold eyeshadow

If you’re one who goes for bold makeup then you’ll be attracted to this gold confetti makeup look. This is a dramatic gold look that features a dark brown base with a gold-toned overlay of golden eyeshadow. It turns your eyes into something truly gorgeous and lovely. Try this with a nude brown lippie and you’re ready to go. This type of eyeshadow even works with different colored contacts and switches your makeup to something natural and stunning.

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2. Smokey eye with rose gold accents

This skin-toned highlight will give you an even glow when it comes to your overall makeup. It might look like some typical neutral shade but you’ll be shocked by how much this color packs. You could pair the eyeshadow with your favorite rose gold lip gloss and some subtle eyeliner.

Your eyes will not only look fancy with just two products but the effect created is completely different from any other makeup look.

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3. Basic gold eye shadow look

Not every person can be a professional makeup artist. If you don’t trust your skills when it comes to putting on eyeshadow then this basic golden eye shadow look is the perfect solution. You only need to use some gold eyeshadow with a good brush and evenly distribute the color throughout your eyelids. You don’t have to apply any eyeliner since the eyeshadow is already the star of the show. Add some mascara to your lashes and go rock the world.

4. Gold glitter eyeshadow

Gold glitter eyeshadow comes in different formulations. It could either be in liquid, powder, or a loose type of pigment. Whatever the form, glittery gold eyeshadow is the best look if you want to be stunning, dramatic, and bold. Ensure that you start with some eye primer to be able to extend the amount of time you get to stay with your eyeshadow.

For this look, start with a yellow undertone before you get to build it up with a dark brown shade of eyeshadow. Finish off with the golden glitter eyeshadow and a good dark red shade of matte lipstick. This is the best type of shadow if you’re looking to recreate that Marilyn Monroe type of vibe. This gold makeup look especially works for brown skin girls and would be the perfect look for this valentines week.

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5. Sunset golden eyeshadow look

Ever looked at the sunset and you wish you could use those colors as your eyeshadow? Well, you’re in luck. This type of eyeshadow is a show stopper due to all the hues that are incorporated to create this look. The look is complex and might require you to visit a makeup artist to help you with executing the eyeshadow however, if you trust your skills and have the necessary equipment then why not recreate this look! The look is a mix of shimmer and matte finishes to create this multi-dimensional look.

Ensure you use colors that are heavily pigmented so that the colors do not appear light.

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6.Orange gold eyeshadow look

This particular color is great for people with warm and medium skin tones. It also goes well with black skin and helps to make your eyes pop. It is a great way to compliment your skin and adds a pop of color to your eyes.

For this look, ensure you choose a shade of orange that compliments your skin as your undertone. Add some gold eyeshadow in the middle and at the corner of your eyelids.

You could line your lips with a little gold and pair this with some nude lipgloss.

7. Try a mix of gold and silver eyeshadow

Who said that gold and silver don’t go together. If you’re going for a luxurious and royalty color then mix up these two colors as your eyeshadow. Let gold be the star of the show as silver comes at the corner of your eyelids. You also use some black at the end of your eyeshadow to create a type of smokey eye. For the eyeliner, settle for something bold and attractive with subtle lashes.

8. Gold Smokey eye

The best way to create a golden smokey eye is to follow the shapes of your eyes. You could start with a warm brown undertone by concentrating the color under your eyelids. Blend up the makeup in a circular motion with a blending brush to smoothen up the color. Add some dark brown color on top of the warm brown ensuring its adequately distributed on the inner eyelids. Follow up with some golden eyeshadow by using your finger to smudge the color.

Pair this with brown eyeliner for lighter tones and dark black eyeliner for darker tones. Go back with your blending brush to help create the perfect smokey eye.

9. Metallic gold eyeshadow

Valentine is all about looking good and glammed up, apart from it being the season of love. What better way to get glammed up than using some metallic gold eyeshadow to make your eyes pop. You can start with a brown undertone before adding the metallic gold eyeshadow to give you that sparkle from a mile away. A metallic gold eyeshadow leaves a mirror-like finish that would definitely capture some attention in a room.

10. Red and Gold eyeshadow look

This eyeshadow look is perfect if you have a plain outfit and want to leave all the attention to your face, especially the eyes. You could use red as an eyeliner or blend it with gold eyeshadow on your eyelids. Whatever choice you settle on, you won’t be disappointed by the end result.

11. Rose gold eyeshadow

What’s valentine without a rose. And what’s an article on gold eyeshadow looks without this perfect rose gold eyeshadow. This is a neutral and natural type of shadow for people who want something settled and calm. The color is perfect for any skin shade from black skin to brown girls. Pair this with a natural shade of pink lipstick or some naturally pink gloss and you’re ready for Valentine.

12. Natural gold eyeshadow look

Gold eyeshadow is perfect for creating a soft and natural makeup look for Valentine. Softly blend some settled gold eyeshadow on your eyelids with a pair of shaped eyebrows and you’re ready for your valentine’s date.

13. Mix yellow, gold, and purple eyeshadow

Clearly, gold makeup looks are not going anywhere any time soon. So how about mixing and matching it with other colors to create the perfect eye shadow mix. For this look, start with a dark yellow shade followed by a purple eyeshadow. To top it all up, add the gold eyeshadow with a pair of long eyelashes.

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14. Warm tones of gold eyeshadow

If you want something settled for Valentine’s, this is the look for you. This color matches quite well with black skin and brown skin girls. The warm tones of gold against darkly pigmented skin create a contrast that makes the eyes the show stopper.

15. Swirled nude with gold eyeshadow

This is a match made in heaven when it comes to gold makeup looks. A mix of some dark brown eyeshadow or soft pink would be the perfect color for that evening date on Valentine’s. Add this with some natural-looking lippies and look like a natural beauty. You could also settle for other nudes shades of maroon or beige to create this swirled nude look with a gold eyeshadow touch. This is the perfect color to enhance your skin tone especially if you have a warm undertone.

You don’t have to be intimated by gold makeup. It looks great on everyone and can be incorporated into your eye make-up look in so many ways. Try these gold eyeshadow looks and tell us which one caught your eye.

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