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15 Best French Makeup Ideas

French women have a way to look chic even without trying. From their well-kept textured hair to how easy it is to rock a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and still draw attention. Let’s not forget the berets that hang from one side of the head and some red lippies that never seem to smudge. And we could go on and on about how chic and well-dressed french girls always look. But, how about we learn the secret to the french makeup looks and give you some ideas on french makeup.

Well, we did the research for you so you don’t have to break a sweat. We looked at different french models and examined the looks of different makeup artists of french origin. The trick is quite simple. French makeup is all about keeping it simple and subtle and enhancing the features you already have. The goal is to make these features stand out and not change your whole look. And don’t we all want to step into a room and turn heads barefaced?

Well, here are some ideas to get you into the Parisian groove.

15 Best French Makeup Ideas.

If you’ve dying to try the french makeup ideas, here are 15 tips to get you started.

1. Always start with a good skincare routine

The trick to getting your makeup look as natural as possible is to have a good skincare routine. That way if you have smooth skin you won’t have to buy so many foundation shades and concealers to hide your imperfections. Glowing skin is essential to make you stand out and put on as little makeup as possible.

Do your research on your skin type before you get into buying the skin regimes for your skincare routine. Understanding your skin type helps you know what to use and what not to use. That way, if you have dry skin you won’t be using matte products that make your skin even drier.

2. Prep your skin before applying makeup

Prepping your skin before applying makeup not only helps you have flawless makeup throughout the day but also protects your skin from any form of damage.

Always start with a good exfoliator to remove any dead skin and cells that may be clogging your pores. Follow with step with a toner that will help you get a natural even tone all through your face . After toning your skin, ensure you apply the right moisture to hydrate your skin. This will help your face better absorb products and get a smooth finish easily.

A primer also helps your foundation stay for long without smudging all over the place. You could also use a lip primer to help you get smooth lips before applying some red matte lipstick.

3. Use a light coverage foundation.

Remember we said french makeup is all about looking as natural as possible. The best way to get a natural face is by applying a light coverage foundation. A light coverage foundation is one that’s formulated to provide a thinner layer of coverage on your skin. It won’t hide your imperfections as much as the full coverage foundation but that’s not a worry since your skin has already been pampered with a good skincare routine.

4. Make one aspect of your face be the center of attention.

If your eyes are the star of the show then let your lippies be settled and natural. This also applies to the opposite. If you have decided to settle for a smokey eye, then you should go for some nude brown lipgloss to let your eyes have their day to shine.

If you settle for a red lippie then use some natural colors as your eyeshadows so that they do not compete with your lips.

5. Go for a bold lippie.

A bold red lippie paired with a red baret. That’s definitely something you’ve seen in a french movie. The perfect french makeup look has to have some bold lips to help you stand out. You could go for bold red lips that scream out confidence and elegance from afar.

A bold lip color enhances the appearance of your smile and gives you some level of confidence you don’t usually find with simple natural colors.

Ensure you pick a color that matches your skin tone so that you don’t end up looking like a clown. A color that’s too dark might end up washing you out while something too light might look completely out of place.

6. Focus on your lashes.

The French have long lashes that are well-groomed and long. If you don’t have naturally long lashes you don’t have to panic. You could always add some natural-looking extensions from your local cosmetic store. Ensure your lashes are not too much and do not steal the attention from the rest of your face

And who said lash extensions are the only solution? You could put on some Christian Dior Diorshow Mascara to help your lashes get some volume.

7. Strike a balance between your eyes and your lips for the perfect french makeup look.

With french makeup, you have to ensure that your eyes and lips are in sync. This is because these two are the most noticeable features on your face. For the best french makeup routine, you have to ensure that your lips and eyes work together so that everything looks simple and natural.

This is where a good natural face makeup look comes in handy since it is an everyday look that can be done daily.

8. Have a natural colored blush.

A natural colored blush will add color to your cheeks. This creates an illusion of a natural makeup look that required little to no effort. Ensure you choose a blusher that goes hand in hand with your skin type. The l’oreal summer belle makeup blush is perfect for oily skin while dry skin goes well with the infallible longwear Blush shaping sticks.

These are some of the best french products you could use as your blush. They come in a variety of colors though something that is a pale shade of pink and red can be the perfect blush for natural french makeup ideas.

9. Look effortlessly put together.

French women don’t put so much effort into their looks but they always end up looking effortlessly beautiful. Ensure nothing screams out too much and that everything looks natural and beautifully done.

10. Try Endermologie

Endermologie is a type of skin treatment that helps you get smoother skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines. It is a deep massage treatment that breaks down the fats in your face giving you tighter skin. You don’t have to worry about needles being stuck on your face since the procedure is non-surgical.

French women and models are known to follow this procedure to reduce cellulite. Moreover, it helps you get an even skin tone. This means that the likelihood of you applying a full coverage foundation is minimal.

11. Ensure you have perfectly trimmed eyebrows.

For you to get the perfect french makeup look, aim at trimming your brows at least once a week. However, if you want to grow your eyebrows out you could wait for a few weeks before getting the trim.

Trimming your eyebrows gives you a more polished appearance and that’s what french ladies are all about. Moreover, you get to frame your face and give your eyes some type of definition.

12. Use a highlighter.

Highlighters are light-reflecting beauty products that help to enhance your complexion. Moreover, they make you look brighter and give your skin some type of glow. Using a highlighter is the best way to accentuate your face and give yourself a natural french makeup look.

13. Ensure you set your makeup with some setting spray.

Do you want to go out for the whole day and still be able to look as good as how you left in the morning when you finally come home at eight? Embrace using settings spray. Setting spray increases the lifespan of your makeup preventing any occurrence of smudge. Imagine looking cute and naturally beautiful at two in the morning after a night out with friends. That’s the whole reason why you should practice these french makeup ideas and finish off with some setting spray.

14. Settle for natural colors for your eye makeup

If we are talking about a settled and natural look then we have to mention some natural-looking eyeshadow for your eyes. Colors like peach pink and brown are so settled that someone won’t even notice that you have some makeup on.

You can use a nude color to crease out your outer and lower lashline and put some slightly darker shades of eyeshadow on the inner eyelids. Use a concealer to clean out any messes and you’re done!

15. Use black eyeliner

The french eyeliner is not as pronounced as the American eyeliner. It is usually placed at the lash line and slightly pulled out at the end of the lash line towards the eyebrow. This usually resembles a cat-eye eyeliner look and makes your eyes pop. Pair this with a red lippie and a messy bun and you’re ready for ‘une bonne journée‘.

Try these french makeup ideas and tell us which one works for you!

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