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15 Best Bedroom Window Designs

So you want to construct your house and you do not know which bedroom window designs would work for you. Not to worry, we got you covered with all the bedroom window designs that you could try out in your home. Windows are a good source of light and ventilation. Finding a suitable window to meet your architectural designs can help you get both light and good ventilation with one design.

The designs vary depending on a number of things. This includes ;

  • The size of the room.
  • The location of the room.
  • The direction of wind in the room and other nature elements .
  • The Cost of installation .
  • The surrounding environment of the room.

15 best bedroom window designs

There are many window designs to choose from but here are our 15 best window designs.

1.Casement window.


If you want good light and good ventilation, then this is the best bedroom window design for you. The window opens like a door. It has shatters attached to a big frame and they open outwardly or inwardly letting in some good air. The window is good to create a modern feel in the bedroom and can be a good window for a place with scenic views.

However, you may be required to put a mesh to stop flies and other insects from getting into the bedroom

2.Bay windows.

This type of bedroom window design projects out of the wall. It also gives more space in the room. This is a good window for a shared bedroom due to all the space that’s left. It is quite large and a good source of light. The space can also be used to put a bookshelf or a sitting area.

3.Metal windows.

If the area you live in is not secure, then this is the window for you. I know what you’re thinking. Metal windows can be boring and simple. It doesn’t have to be, add some flower decoration when making the metal rods and you’re good to go. The window can also be placed with louvers to bring a Victorian feel to your bedroom.

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4.Louvered windows.

Louvered window

If you want your bedroom to have that old rustic vibe, this is the best bedroom window design for you. It is also a great way to offer ventilation into the room. The louvers are usually inclined at 45 degrees letting in a good amount of fresh air. Also referred to as a jalousie window, the window opens and closes in unison when you pull one of the levers.

5.Round windows.

Round Window

As the name suggests, the windows are round and cannot be opened. they usually are fixed but are a good source of light to a bedroom. The windows can be put on either side of a bed creating a good architectural design. For an even better design, the windows could be placed as semicircles on each side of the bed letting in more light.

6.Dormer window.


This window is good for a room that’s found on a sloped roof. It’s a great type of window for a loft and helps to create space in a room. It’s small and projects from a roof. With the right type of architecture, a dormer can be designed to create an old and incredible design.

7.Sliding windows.

sliding window

This type of window is movable with the help of a roller bearing. It is also a good window if your goal is to save up on space since it doesn’t require a place for the shatters to rest on. If your goal is to have a modern type of bedroom, then this is the window for you. Put some drapes and transform your bedroom into a fancy hotel room.

8. Corner window

I know it’s not very common to find a window at a corner, but trust me when I tell you this is the way to go. Corner windows help you have double windows. This means that you will be getting twice the amount of air and light compared to other people. Who doesn’t want that? Plus when it comes to an architectural design, it gives your bedroom a unique and modern feel.

9.Sash windows.

The window is classified into the single sash and the double-hung window. The single sash is a single window that slides up and down when a cord is pulled. Picture the sash window, now picture double that. There you have it, a double-hung window. The window has two sashes that can slide up and down. It is a good type of window for a small room. This type of window can be good for a shared room especially when you place a single sash window on each side of the room. That way everyone gets to have their own window. It is good for a storey building whose rooms are likely to be located on the upper floor.

Double-hung window

10. Awning window

Awning window

So you live in a place that never stops raining. This is the window for you. The window opens outwardly preventing rain to get into the room. It can also be a good type of window for a windy area due to the way it opens. The window can be placed in a small room to help in air circulation.

11.Glass block

This type of window not only gives you your privacy but also a good feel of comfort and peace in your bedroom. You do not have to worry about who’s watching while you get dressed. Why? Because frosted glass is used on the window giving you your privacy. But also imagine the elegant designs that frosted glass has, Now imagine that design in your bedroom. Wouldn’t you want to have that?

12.Lantern window

Have you always dreamed of having light come into the room from above? Then lantern windows are for you. They are modern, unique, and very good sources of light. The window is all placed on a flat roof and projects outside the roof.

13. Skylights


As much as the window is similar to the lantern, there are a few disparities. This type of window is placed on a sloped roof compared to a lantern that’s placed on a flat roof. The window can be opened and must be placed well so that rain doesn’t get it when it pours. It’s a great source of light for a roof and can be a good way to modernize your bedroom.

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14.Fixed window

This is not the window for you when it comes to ventilation. It can neither be opened nor closed but is still a good choice for a bedroom window design. The shatters are fixed on a frame and can be placed in an area to bring in more light.


Transoms might not be the windows that will give you light and ventilation. However, they can be a good decorative piece to add to your bedroom door.

Try these bedroom window designs and tell us which one works best for you.

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