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15 Best Bedroom Tiles Design

A good bedroom tiles design speaks volumes about who you are as a person. In addition to that, tiles are a great way to create a unique and beautiful design in a bedroom. Getting the best bedroom tiles design is no walk-in-the-park. A lot of factors need to be considered before choosing the right tiles for your bedroom.

One wrong move when it comes to the tile design and the whole aesthetic of the room is destroyed. Having the right person to do the job is also critical to achieving your desired results. It is advised to have a skilled professional recreate your thoughts and help you get your desired output. Always give yourself enough time to look for the perfect tiles without rushing to make any decisions.

15 Best Bedroom Tiles design

When choosing the bedroom tiles always consider the following things:

  • Theme of the room
  • The decor placed in the room
  • Curtains or drapes color of the room
  • Amount of light that gets into the room
  • The type of look you want to achieve, whether it’s a modern or an old vibe.

With all the factors having been put into consideration, let’s dive into the best tiles design for your bedroom!

1.Go for neutral colors

Neutral colored bedroom tiles design
Neutral colored tiles bedroom design

Neutral colors are natural tones that resemble those that are found in nature. They create a vibrant and eye-catching feeling in the room. You could decide to go for a gray or brown colored tile to create a simple design without incorporating a lot of colors. Similarly, the risk of natural colors flashing with other bedroom decor is minimal making it the perfect tile design for your bedroom. Moreover, natural colors can never go out of style and can stay for long without needing to be changed.

2.Create centre pieces with your bedroom tiles design

If the bedroom you’re designing is big then a centerpiece will be the perfect addition. Centerpieces not only draw attention but also bring a sense of ambiance to a room. They can also be a good addition to break neutrality in a room especially when the colors used are natural. Centerpieces also act as extra sets of decorations that make a statement in a bedroom. However, you should ensure you don’t overuse the centerpieces making it the main attraction in a room.

3.Try longer tiles for smaller bedrooms

If the bedroom is small then long tiles are the perfect fit for the room. Long tiles not only make a small room look bigger but also bring out a sense of elegance. There is also minimal wastage when it comes to using longer tiles compared to short squared tiles.

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4.Create a designs with different shades and colors of tiles

patterned floor
patterned floor bedroom tiles design

You could always play around with your bedroom tiles by creating different patterns with tiles. Go for a chess-like floor with an alternating arrangement of a dark and light color. The shades could match with the room decor so as not to deviate from the room’s main color.

5.Go for a marble effect

marble tile
marble tile

If you’re looking for glam then this is the tile for you. They are polished and elegant and create a sophisticated and expensive feel in a bedroom. If your goal is to have a modern design bedroom you should totally go for a marbled tile. The great thing about Marble is it can be installed over a ceramic tile using a glaze. Try incorporating it in your bedroom and transform it to a new level.

6.Use wooden ceramic tiles

Wooden ceramic bedroom tiles design
Wooden ceramic bedroom tiles design

Wooden ceramic tiles create an expensive and high-quality design in a room. They are also cheaper compared to natural wood and are more water-resistant compared to natural wood. Little to no maintenance is required making it a good design for your room. The tiles are easy to clean and can be used to create a modern design in a room. Wood ceramic tiles come in different wood finishes and shades that can match with different colored rooms.

7.Use mosaic

mosaic bedroom tiles design
mosaic tile

Do you want to break the boring and simple nature of your bedroom? How about incorporating mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles use tesserae to create a unique design that can be incorporated into a wall. The tiles are more expensive than normal ceramic tiles but are worth the extra coin.

8.Use a brick pattern

Brick pattern bedroom tiles design
Brick pattern tile design

A brick pattern can be a great way to put wall tiles in your bedroom. Usually, the end of a tile is lined with the center of a tile above and below it. This creates a unique design in a bedroom. It is also a great way to hide any type of mess that occurred during construction.

9.Place your floor tiles diagonally

This tile design can be perfect for a small room to make it look more spacious. It can be used throughout the room from the sleeping area to the powder room. However, the tile needs to be cut severally so that different shapes do not appear. When going for this design ensure you have a qualified professional who understands what you truly want.

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10.Use porcelain tiles

For the perfect finish in your room, choose porcelain tiles that are strong and versatile. They are also water-resistant so the possibility of you having to change them after a few years is quite low. The tiles will need you to dig deeper into your pockets but trust me you won’t be disappointed with the end results.

11.Use the straw basket arrangment

Commonly used in the early ’90s, the style has come back to the limelight making it one of the most preferred designs for the bedroom. The pattern resembles a woven basket and can be used in place of a mosaic to create a unique and elegant design. If you have been looking for a cheaper option when it comes to creating a design, you have found the answer.

12.Use a lake stonetile

The lake stone is a ceramic type of tile that seeks to create a feeling of the natural stones found in the British lake. It has a contemporary feel to it making it one of our tops options when creating a modern bedroom. It has an antislip feature so chances of injuries are minimal. The tile requires minimal maintenance and can sustain its elegance for a long time.

13.Use the herringbone tile pattern

For small rooms, the herringbone is the best tile design. The tiles are arranged at a 45 degrees angle creating an illusion of a big room. The style also works best with neutral colors and can make them pop in their own way.

14.Opt for ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles can create a beautiful finish in your bedroom without having to dig too deep into the pockets. They are also a lot of varied designs to choose from and many shades that you could play around with. Its durability is also something to admire and can be used not only in the master bedroom but also in the children’s room.

15.Use Elevation tiles

If you’re looking for luxury then this is the tile for you. The tile comes in various designs and colors and can be a substitute for the lake stone tile. The tile is easily available and is quite durable especially for a family home.

Try any of these bedroom tile designs and tell us which one appeals to you more.

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