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15 Best Bedroom Carpet Design Ideas

Using different bedroom carpets design is a great way to create a cozy and warm environment in your bedroom. Bedrooms are great places to re-energize after a long and tiring day. The best way to relax and enjoy your bedroom is to try and use different bedroom carpet designs. This can help you to unwind and feel at peace when you are at home. Without the perfect design, your bedroom will be boring and simple. Do not be alarmed, we got you covered on all the bedroom carpet designs you could try to spice up your room.

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15 Best Bedroom Carpet Design Ideas

Here is a list of bedroom carpet designs you could try to change the look of your bedroom. The list is based on price, style, and material used for different designs.

1.Use woolen carpets

Wool is a soft and organic material that is extracted from sheep. Now imagine waking up in the morning and the first feeling you get is a warm and cozy feel of wool all over your feet? Wool is a premium fiber with no artificial additives making it the perfect carpet to create a homely feel in your bedroom. Wool can also create a luxurious and expensive feel similar to the ones found in hotels. Furthermore, wool is durable which makes it the perfect type of carpet to use to elevate your bedroom.

2. Try neutral colored carpet design

Solid colored carpet
Solid colored carpet

A neutral carpet can be used to create a modern and sophisticated feel in a room. Some of the colors that can be incorporated include grey, light brown, or even different shades of cream. Natural colors create a bold and beautiful look. This creates a fresh and sleek design in the bedroom. Similarly, neutral colors are quite easy to design and create an elegant design in the room.

3.Try different patterns

Patterns and shapes
Patterns and shapes

The patterned carpet bedroom design is a great way to change the look of your bedroom without having to put a finger on the furniture. The patterns brighten the room and add a cozy atmosphere to the bedroom. You can always choose patterns of different sizes to create different visual energies. Similarly, patterns can be distributed throughout the carpet to create balance in the room.

4.Pick a solid color

Picking a solid color that matches the theme of the bedroom is a great way to compliment all the designs of your bedroom. Because solid colors are usually bold, you could match them with something else in the room such as the pillowcases or the beddings. Remember to always try new and bold colors to make the room more lively.

5. Try a multicoloured carpet

Color always adds life in a room and what better way to achieve this than using a multicolored carpet. The carpet can be used to bring new and lively colors especially for a room meant for kids. It can also be good for a room that’s neutral to create a new and interesting feel in the room. Try a carpet that’s filled with some lively colors such as blue and yellow or a combination of red and green and elevate your room to something unique and interesting!

7.Use a carpet with different geometrical shapes

Shapes can be a great way to create balance in a room. They can also be a great way to create the calm and relaxing environment needed in the bedroom. Look for a circle and square covering to liven up your bedroom. A carpet filled with different geometrical shapes can help your room become more vibrant and welcoming to the eye.

8.Use area rugs

Area rug

An area rug is a rug that covers only a part of the floor. Thye act as a decorative element in a room bringing in a new pattern and design to counter a design that was previously there. Area rugs can be a good addition to the room especially the ones designed with wall-to-wall carpets.

9.Try layering different carpets


I know what you are thinking. Layering different rugs will keep the room busy. Trust me when I tell you it’s not the case when it comes to this design. Imagine layering a vinyl carpet over a soft, fluffy carpet. You are able to create a comfortable and peaceful environment with a flush carpet while preventing moisture from sipping into the room like an uninvited guest with a vinyl carpet.

10.Use textured bedroom carpet design

Textured carpet
Textured carpet

A textured carpet for your bedroom can be the perfect way to create a two-tone feel in the room. The textured carpet is suitable for any bedroom be it the children’s bedroom or the master bedroom. Moreover, the carpets are easy to clean and might be less expensive compared to other vintage and patterned carpets.

11.Incorporate cuts and loops

Do you want a unique and fashionable design in your bedroom? Try the cut and looped carpet design in your bedroom. The carpet has bounced back to the limelight over the years and continues to be a favorite to many. It is one of the most preferred carpets to bring different designs into the room. Paired with the right type of furniture, cut and looped carpets create unique patterns and shapes through the use of straight and looped fibers. It generally creates a visually appealing feel and can be used to transform your bedroom into something modern and classy.

12.Kashmiri carpet design

Ever heard of a phrase that old is gold. Then the phrase works for this type of carpets. A Kashmiri carpet is designed with different types of flowers and unique patterns and shapes. The patterns can be used to not only elevate a bedroom that’s neutral and boring but also bring something lively into the room. Let’s not even talk about the royal Victorian vibe that can be created with this unique local carpet.

Let your bedroom transform into a sophisticated old but classy room by using the Kashmiri carpet design.

13.Use bold coloured carpets

bold color carpet
bold color carpet

Bold colors such as bright red or orange not only draw attention to a room But also create the right balance for dark and simple rooms. Carpets that are bold tend to bring the room to life and can be used to cut through neutral colors that are used in bedrooms. It also makes the room fun and gives you something interesting to look at when you step into your bedroom.

14.Use stripped bedroom carpet design

Stripped carpets can be a great way to elongate the room and make it more spacious. Strips make a statement in a room by creating an illusion of a longer room. It also makes the bedroom have a unique and modern feel. The strips could be of two colors that compliment the room and could match with the decor incorporated in the bedroom.

15.Try wall to wall carpets

Instead of going for hardwood floors that are cold during winter, you could opt for a wall-to-wall carpet. They are a great way to make the whole bedroom warm and cozy. In addition, they make a room have a luxurious feel. Wall to wall carpets is easy to maintain and keep your children safe while they play in the bedrooms.

How to design a bedroom with carpet?

Use a bold carpet color
Use a Kashmiri design

How to design men bedroom white walls and grey carpet floor

Use neutral colors for the carpet
Try using a striped carpet design

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