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10 Best TRX Shoulder Exercises for strength: Beginner’s Guide

So you’ve always wanted strength in your shoulders but you do not know how to achieve this. How about TRX shoulder exercises. It is a type of suspension training that helps one with fitness and also staying in shape.TRX stands for Total Body Resistant Exercises. It is a form of exercise that uses body weight and gravity to build body strength. The main tool used in TRX exercises is suspension straps that help you balance.

Before performing any TRX shoulder exercises, you should ensure you have the TRX suspensions straps carefully placed on an anchorage point. This could be a door or wall especially for beginners doing the exercises at home. You should also ensure you have enough space for different ranges of motion and the straps should be tight enough to prevent any occurrence of an injury.

What to consider when performing TRX shoulder Exercises

  1. Always adjust the straps before starting the exercises. The suspension straps usually have buckles that can be used to perform the adjustments.
  2. Ensure the straps are tight enough before starting the exercises.
  3. Always start with a warm up to prepare the body for the intense workouts.
  4. When doing the exercises look at the anchorage point to help with posture.
  5. When performing the exercises ensure that your core is tightened.

Benefits of TRX shoulder exercises

  1. Helps to engage the muscles of the shoulder. TRX exercise deals with some degree of muscle movement improving the health of the shoulders.
  2. They promote flexibility due to the constant movement of anterior deltoids, lateral deltoids, and posterior deltoids
  3. The exercises help build general body strength.
  4. Helps the joints of the muscles to be stable hence reducing injuries.
  5. Reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases since the core is engaged when doing the exercises
  6. Improve body posture by correcting body imbalances
  7. Can a prevent one from gaining body fat that may lead to weight management issues.
What is TRX shoulder exercise?

These are total resistance exercises for strength.

What type of exercise is TRX?

It is a suspension training type of exercise.

Why TRX is the best exercise

They improve flexibility and general body posture.

TRX exercises which muscles

The deltoids, biceps, and upper back muscles.

10 Best TRX Shoulder Exercises for strength

1.Side plank

This exercise focuses on the abs and shoulders. It also helps the body to be stable since the weight of your body is supported by the hand.

For this exercise, you have to place your feet on the foot cradle of the adjustable straps. Now lean forward making your body to be straight. You should ensure your core is tightened and your hips do not sag. Place one hand on the mat and form a right angle with your elbow touching the mat. Carefully raise your other hand to form a T with your body. Hold on to this position for 10 seconds before switching to the opposite hand.

2. Single arm face pull

This exercise engages the biceps and the posterior deltoids of the shoulder. For this exercise, place your arms on the handles of the strap and step back ensuring your arms have been extended fully. Let your arms come to the back closing the shoulder blades and opening the chest.

3.The pike

For the exercise place your foot on the straps and turn. Your face should be facing the mat together with your toes. Place your hands on the mat and extend them. Drive your hips upwards making your head come in between your arms.

4. Inverted push ups

This exercise targets the trapezius and dorsi muscles found at the back. It also helps with the chest and arm, especially the biceps. For the exercise, place your foot on the straps and turn to make your face and toes face the mat. Ensure that your body is straight and extend your arms. Now slightly bend your arms making 45 degrees chest press.

5.Anchored shoulder press

The exercise focuses on the biceps and the rear deltoids. To perform the exercise, put your arms on the straps and turn your body so that your back faces the anchorage point. Tiptoe and slightly bend your knees then push up and lean forward mimicking the shoulder press.

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6. The Face Pull

The face pulls target the upper back muscles and rear deltoids. To perform the exercise, place your arms on the strap and pull your body slowly towards the anchorage point. Now pull your hand past your shoulders and squeeze your shoulder blades opening up the chest.

face pull position
Face pull position

7.The High Row

For this exercise, you have to face the anchorage point and tightly grip the cradle. Slowly bend your elbows making your shoulders come together. Ensure that your back is straight and your core tightened. Straighten your arms slowly and repeat the process. The high row focuses on the rhomboid and posterior deltoids and is a great way to elevate your posture.

8.The Front raise

The exercise focuses on the deltoids and involves the biceps of the arm. Place your arms on the straps and slightly bend your body with only your heel touching the floor. Raise your arms opening up the chest area and making your shoulders come together.

9.Suspended crunch

Put your body in a push-up position ensuring that your feet lay firmly inside the foot strap. Pull your knees inside your chest ensuring that your hips have not sagged. Repeat the process 10 times before moving on to the next exercise.

10. The Bicep Curl

This exercise is similar to an inverted row and can be used as a starting point for the bicep curl. Your face should face the anchorage point and your back and arms should be straight. Raise your body upwards making your arm form a right angle when going up and come back down making your arms straight.

Try these TRX exercises and watch your body gain strength in the shoulder fast.

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