CSM11 Has Begun!


But, EN24 has worked up a pretty nice logo for it:

With all the drama surrounding CSMX, it will be interesting to see how CSM11 unfolds. Maybe this will be the last?

EVE Online Meh Release Drops on Tuesday

What am I missing here?

I’ve been through the announcement and the patch notes, and I’ve yet to find anything that is even remotely interesting about the upcoming release. You know things are looking grim when the most exciting thing in a new release is the colorization of the buff bar:

The Buff Bar's New Hawtness

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Tanky Hauler for Young Players

Gallente Industrial  NereusNot long ago, Gevlon Goblin posted a great guide on hauling with industrial ships. He focuses on using Deep Space Transports (DSTs) to move high-end cargo. Although this is most certainly the preferred way to go, it may take some time (approximately 30 days) for young haulers to skill into Transport Ships.

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PVP Damage Profile Discussion – 2015

CCP Phantom (with data from CCP Quant) has just started the discussion regarding PVP damage profiles in 2015. I was somewhat surprised to see the number one damage profile for the year to be cruisers with combat drones. As a drone boat pilot, I find that especially interesting.

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Dual-Prop Festival Fit

And now for something completely different.

Dual-Prop Festival Fit

It’s time to have a little fun this holiday season. What could be more fun than harassing miners in my dual-prop festival Breacher? Obviously, this fit is terrible, but it’s crazy fast and gets around like nobody’s business.

My current plan is to fly around high-sec on New Year’s EVE; exploding fireworks on miners. Once the New Year rolls around, I’ll head out to low-sec and see if I can get someone to give me a bigger explosion!