ISK!I haven’t mentioned it yet, but a few folks have noticed the “Loss Reports” in the sidebar. Loss reports are an extension of a project I was working on for myself. I was investigating using kill data to determine what sort of losses were occurring in the regions where I operate markets. My original goal was really just to figure out what sort of fits were most popular. Eventually, it occurred to me that I could combine this information with market data and determine not only what was popular, but, more importantly, what was profitable.

The loss reports listed in the sidebar are for the regions containing one of the major trade hubs. For example, if you live and operate in The Forge, the loss report will tell you what was destroyed yesterday and how much profit could be made by buying and selling those modules or hulls.

The publicly available versions of these reports feature the following regions:

Obviously, these are pretty generic reports. For my own work, I use my trade hubs and nearby major hubs. That being said, I want to keep that little edge for myself.