Gallente Battleship V

Skill Training Complete - Gallente Battleship: Level 5My main is a drone boater and this was one of those skills that I have kept on the backburner for years. I finally just sucked it up and waited a month.

Hooray, my drones do 10% more damage in my Domi now!

I’m starting to get to the point where finding interesting and meaningful skills to invest in is a chore. For example, I have almost no laser skills to speak of, but my hybrid skills are nearing max level. Do I start down the laser path just because?

Sugar Kyle on Entering Markets

Sugar Kyle, EVE OnlineI’ve maintained a high-sec market for a few months. I use summarized kill board data to generate lists of items that have been destroyed in nearby regions. (See my Domain Loss Report for an example of what that looks like.)

Sugar Kyle has gone into some detail on how she set up her market and continues to maintain it. Her market is in low-sec, so it’s a completely different ball of wax. That being said, there are good ideas there for any would-be marketer looking to open their own business. Her core principle is to supply all the necessities for complete builds. She has even provided access to her spreadsheet that she worked up when she was getting started.

PI Porn!

A little PI porn to get you in the mood today.

I like to see how other people arrange their setups, so here’s mine. I’m only doing P3 production here. Most of the planets Produce P2 products that I ship off to the P3 factory planet. This is my first foray into wormhole planetary interaction, so I’m sure this is not the most efficient method. I’ve tried to keep my links short to save on costs, and for the most part, I’m using my launchpad as my primary storage (I experimented with one of the planets as I was extracting way too much).

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Major Progress On My Overview Settings

Selected Item - EVE Online

First of all, the image above is the selected item box, not the overview. Anyway…

This ended up being much easier than I expected. So far, I’ve used the E-Uni Overview set up to get started. From there, I’ll modify as necessary. There were three pages in the E-Uni Wiki that were relevant to me:

One thing I stumbled on a bit was remembering to ensure that all overview presets were selected for import. Originally I only imported the main presets, and that specifically left off the wormhole preset.

Giving Wormholes A Go

EVE Online - HeronAfter a long hiatus, I am finally back in my pod. This time around, I’ve decided to be a bit more social. Although I’ve always had friends in the game, we’ve rarely done things together. So, this time, I’m social.

I’ve hooked up with a small wormhole corp and moved into a C1. I got my scanboat in and gone about dropping bookmarks — safes, tacticals, etc. It’s a pretty big learning curve for me, but it’s pretty exciting. The next step on my agenda is to spend some time getting my overview squared away.