Amarr Standings Grind is GO

Algos - Gallente DestroyWhen I first started running missions a few years ago, I did not realize that there was a “right” way to run missions. At the time, I ran every mission that was offered and never really noticed that my Amarr (and to a lesser degree, Caldari) standings were slowing going down the toilet. So, now I’ve got a jump clone in Amarr space working on getting those Amarr standings up.

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Heart of the Valorous Buff is Back!

+100% Bonus Valor

Once again, Blizzard has made grinding Valor Points for your legendary cloak quest a bit easier with this buff. Take advantage of it while you can.

My Combat Exploration Ishtar Has Arrived

CreoDron  IshtarI finally finished up the skill training necessary to get into my combat exploration Ishtar. The last big skill I had to train was Gallente Cruiser V. I had finished Weapons Upgrades V a mere three weeks prior to that.

I also had to wait a bit for my buy order to be fulfilled in Dodixie. After all, I don’t like to pay full price for anything (in or out of game!).

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New Limited Time Buff: Gaze of the Black Prince

Gaze of the Black Prince

From June 17, 2014 until June 30th, World of Warcraft players will enjoy the Gaze of the Black Prince buff. This buff will increase reputation gains with the Black Prince by 100%. This should significantly speed up the time required to acquire your Legendary Cloak.

Like the Heart of the Valorous buff, this temporary buff will affect all characters during the aforementioned time period.

Pro tip: Try grinding the mogu statues on the Isle of Thunder to maximize your reputation gained per hour.

Heart of the Valorous Buff Now Active

+100% Bonus Valor

Until June 10th, players in World of Warcraft will receive an additional 100% bonus Valor Points. For those that don’t like numbers, that means you will now receive double Valor Points for all your normal activities (raids, daily quests, etc.).

Good luck grinding for those VP rewards!