Wolf-Rayets and NJED’s Piranhafleet

This is quite possibly one of the coolest ideas I’ve every heard. Basically, the concept is to take advantage of the benefits Wolf-Rayet wormhole systems provide to small ships. This doctrin was originally fleshed out in Supreme Mathematics and then again in Eveoganda.

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Loss Reports Updated

ISK!I’ve made a few changes to the Loss Reports.

  • Cloudflare was killing my access to the EVE-KILL API. That required a bit of a work-around.
  • The CSS has changed a bit. This might not be immediately noticeable, but the result is that the reports render better in various browser sizes.
  • I’ve added hull and module descriptions as a pop-up when you hover over the item’s name. This should make it a bit easier to figure out what you’re looking at when confronted with an item name you don’t recognize.
  • I’ve added a bit of info on the total profit created for the region. You can find it in the top table.
  • Lots of cleanup in the Jinja2 template. I had some pretty annoying Unicode errors and general markup problems that needed to be stripped and escaped.

EVE Online: Best Race for PVP

Best PVP RaceIt’s pretty much common knowledge that there is no long-term statistical advantage for choosing a particular race in EVE Online. Given enough time, every race has the capability to learn every skill. In other words, given enough time to train, your character can learn to fly any ship she prefers.

That being said, there is a best race for starter PVP.

As of this writing the top Frigates are the Tristan and Federation Navy Comet. Number two on the top Destroyers list is the ganker’s best friend, the Catalyst.

The Gallente starting skills allow the new player to fly the Tristan and Federation Navy Comet immediately and only requires 16 minutes of training to make the Catalyst available. Additionally, thanks to starting with Small Hybrid Turret III, the starting Gallente player only needs to train a few more skills in order to fit T2 blasters.

TL;DR Roll Gallente.

Loss Reports

ISK!I haven’t mentioned it yet, but a few folks have noticed the “Loss Reports” in the sidebar. Loss reports are an extension of a project I was working on for myself. I was investigating using kill data to determine what sort of losses were occurring in the regions where I operate markets. My original goal was really just to figure out what sort of fits were most popular. Eventually, it occurred to me that I could combine this information with market data and determine not only what was popular, but, more importantly, what was profitable.

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So Long and Thanks For All the Fights

Red vs Blue

Yesterday, RvB announced cessation of formal operations. It seems that after many years of creating content for members, the leadership has finally burnt out and is looking to move on to new things. It appears the corps will stick around for those that want to continue doing… “stuff,” but the leadership is no longer striving to create content.

Although some believe RvB was some sort of hi-sec extension of the CFC, but regardless they have a history of providing content for both new and veteran players.