9M in First Wormhole Relic Site

My corporation is currently under wardec, so I decided I would live risky and do some wormhole exploration. I’ve never done it before, but figured since I was a target anyway, I might as well live risky. Plus, I was flying an Imicus and an empty clone, so it wasn’t really much of a risk. I found a Ruined Angel Temple Site and gave it a go. I learned a few things:

  1. I’m not very good at the hacking mini-game. Although I’ve done it a ton, I don’t have practice in the harder NullSec and WH variants.
  2. My hacking skills aren’t great. I think I’m around 3 or 4 in all the relevant skills. That being said, it didn’t seem great.
  3. There’s actually a difference between the Imicus and the Helios. But, I’m not space rich, so if I’m going to get blown up, it might as well be in a ship that’s 4M ISK all told.
  4. Holy crap, it’s nerve-wracking to be hacking in WH space!

Anyway, I got out with my 9M of loot (there was likely more, but my crappy skills blew two cans). It might not be the best haul, but it more than paid for my boat.

General Purpose Kryos Fit

Industrial - KryosA couple of weeks ago, I posted my tanky Nereus fit for new haulers. I’ve been doing a little (pre-)Spring Cleaning these last few weeks, and I’ve noticed that I really need a Kryos in order to move around the refined minerals I’ve spread across New Eden. The fit I’m using is very general purpose:

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No More Learning Implants

A recent article suggesting changing to fitting skills had a pretty interesting comment:

Also remove learning implants – either with or without +5 to base attributes. It doesn’t offer choice, other than discouraging ppl from pvping or nullsec, both of which is bad for Eve’s health.

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Security Missions Dungeon Entry by Ship Type and Agent Level

Whoo! That’s a mouthful!

Over on Google+ (huh?), CCP has released a graph indicating what types of ships are most used in security missions. In other words, CCP has just released a list of hulls (and by proxy module types) that are most in demand near trade hubs!

The image below gives greater detail, but here’s the info you really want for mission levels two through five:

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CSM11 Has Begun!


But, EN24 has worked up a pretty nice logo for it:

With all the drama surrounding CSMX, it will be interesting to see how CSM11 unfolds. Maybe this will be the last?